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(Translated from e-conomie).

This book was published in 2000 by Economica, 49, rue Héricart, 75015 Paris, ISBN 2-7178-4073-7

The "e-conomy" is based on the synergy between microelectronics, software and network. It is also called "new economy" because it changes the competition on the market, the internal organization of firms and their cooperation.

This is certainly an "immaterial economy" but this characteristic stems from another, more fundamental: the cost of production being virtually independent of the volume produced, it is paid from the initial investment: e-conomy is a "sunk cost economy."

This has profound consequences on the economic equilibrium. The plants are automated, employment lies in design and distribution. The distribution of income is not connected to employment. Enterprises are organized around their information system and differentiate their products to build niche monopoly. Trade occurs through electronic intermediation. The investment being risky, competition is global and extremely violent.

Modeling the "e-conomy" enlightens the game of competition in microelectronics, software, network and in the sectors that use these technologies: broadcasting, airlines, trade. This allows to interpret the evolution of information systems and to diagnose some obstacles.

The "e-conomy" is highly effective but its power can lead to disaster if it is treated in the manner of "laissez-faire". It is therefore necessary to go beyond the economic dimension to consider the requirements of ethics and social cohesion.

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